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Biomed Communications

Visual Identity

The following mandatory guidelines govern the use of logos for The Warren Alpert Medical School and the Division of Biology and Medicine at Brown.

The guidelines, accessible below offers downloads for the medical school logo. Unauthorized use of the logo is strictly prohibited. Should you have any questions about them or how to properly apply them, please contact the Office of Biomedical Communications at 401-863-7548 or office_of_biomed_communications@brown.edu.

Medical School Logo

The Medical School logo is a combination of the Brown University coat of arms, the name The Warren Alpert Medical School spelled out in the typeface "Minion," a red rule, and BROWN UNIVERSITY, also in the typeface "Minion." Together, these elements, with the wording placed to the right of the coat of arms, form the primary logo of The Warren Alpert Medical School. The primary logo is used in communications, marketing and/or on promotional products in either a horizontal or stacked configuration.

Remember that the size and position relationship of the coat of arms, the University name, and the Medical School name is fixed and unbreakable, and should not be altered in any way. High resolution files of the log are available from the Brown Image Gallery.

In written text, it is important to use either the full name of the Medical School, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, or the shortened form, The Warren Alpert Medical School. Note that the T in The is capitalized in both forms.

Medical School Logo

Usage Guide

It's important for consistency that all uses of the logo comply with color specifications, application, and fonts. Please review the Usage Guide before downloading the logos.


Division of Biology and Medicine Logo 

The logo of the Division of Biology and Medicine combines the University coat of arms, the name Division of Biology and Medicine spelled out in typeface "Minion," and the word "BROWN," also in the typeface "Minion." This logo is available in either a horizontal or stacked configuration.

Division of Biology and Medicine Logo

The preferred version of the logo features the coat of arms in black and red (the "primary logo"). This applies whether printing in four-color process, match color, or on the Web. Where the availability of color is limited, such as on a fax or single-color printing, a one-color version of the logo is available.

View and download logos 

If you do not have a Brown log in, please contact Office_of_Biomed_Communications@brown.edu for logo files.

The three-color version of the coat of arms is reserved for formal or ceremonial use. If you need this version of the logo for a special use, please contact the Office of BioMed Communications.


The font used in the logo is Minion Pro. It is a modern face based on classic humanist type styles dating back to the Renaissance. It is the primary font for the University and is available in a range of weights and optional "old style" non-aligning numbers that are used for addresses and telephone numbers on all of the stationery items.

Complementary sans-serif typefaces are Freight Sans and Gotham Narrow. These should be used accent and heading typefaces. When these are not available, as in documents that have been prepared in Microsoft Word, Arial can be substituted.

It is recommended that Minion be used as the primary body copy at a minimum of 10 points in all medical school materials in order to establish a consistent and distinctive look. If Minion is not available, Georgia is an acceptable alternative.

Licenses for Use of Fonts

Brown University's CIS Software Services unit maintains licenses for the use of the fonts for members of members of the Brown community. Minion Pro and Freight Sans are available without charge to faculty, staff, and students through the Typekit asset in Adobe Creative Cloud. Visit software.brown.edu for more information.

Formats for basic stationery items are available from Brown Creative Services. Stationery supplies—from letterheads to business cards to memo pads— should be ordered from Creative Services. This can be done on-line. You will receive a proof of each item that you order, and Creative Services will proceed with printing only after obtaining your approval.

Letterheads may have an individual’s name and title, or simply the name of the department. At right is an example of the recommended typing format, with the text aligned at the left with the “B” in BROWN and the address line at the bottom.

The recommended paper for all Medical School stationery is a bright white 100% recycled content paper. Contact Creative Services to discuss other white paper options for special situations such as large mailings.

A smaller size letterhead (Monarch), normally used for brief or more personal correspondence, is also available, as is personalized notepaper.

Use of the logo on any type of collateral, from t-shirts to smartphone chargers, must comply with the visual identity policy. You cannot alter the logo in any way and you cannot add a department, residency program, or other affiliated entity name to the standard logo.

Only licensed vendors are allowed to print, embroider, or otherwise apply the logo on products. Brown University uses CLC to manage its licensing agreements. You can find licensed vendors through the CLC website.

Third-party vendors do not have the authority to change the logo in any way; it is the trademarked property of Brown University.

For visibility, impact and overall integrity, it is important to maintain a consistent use of the logo. The logo is fundamental to our communications and should never be compromised. Always reproduce the logo from original artwork.

The abbreviations "Alpert Med" or "AMS" are not acceptable forms for print. Do not refer to the school by this abbreviation in text or by creating any alternate logo forms.

Protect the integrity of The Warren Alpert Medical School identity by being aware of improper logo usage. If questions about usage arise please contact Office_of_Biomed_Communications@brown.edu.

  • Do not add the name of your department, residency program/fellowship, or center to the logo.
  • Do not use a substitute typeface
  • Do not add the name of your program to create a new logo
  • Do not scale the logo so that the shield is less than .5 inches tall
  • Do not use the lettering in color or substitute a different red
  • Do not use the abbreviations "Alpert Med" or "AMS"
  • Do not screen the shield behind the lettering
  • Do not distort the logo by stretching or condensing it
  • Do not change the relationship between the coat of arms and the logotype lettering

The Warren Alpert Medical School logo

For high resolution and web-only versions of The Warren Alpert Medical School logo, visit Brown's Image Gallery.  A Brown username and password is required to access all files. 

Division of Biology and Medicine logo

The Division of Biology and Medicine logo has been updated to comply with the University's visual identity. To download the logo, search for "Division logo" or visit the Division logo collection at the Brown Image Gallery.