Division of Biology and Medicine
Biomed Communications

Who We Are

The Office of BioMed Communications provides expertise in digital marketing and content strategy, web development, event planning, and more.

Our Experts

  • Kris Cambra

    Assistant Dean of Biomedical Communications

    Kris oversees all print and web communications for the Division of Biology and Medicine and is editor of the Medical School's alumni magazine, Medicine@Brown. She is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Division’s visual identity and works closely with the Dean of the Division’s office on communications. She has been at Brown since 2001.

  • Phoebe Hall

    Associate Director of BioMedical Communications

    Phoebe serves as writer and editor of BioMed Communications publications and is staff writer for Medicine@Brown magazine. She joined the Division of Biology and Medicine in January 2013.

  • Jumoke Dumont

    Associate Director of BioMed Digital Solutions

    Jumoke is responsible for managing content for the divisional website and its major components, including the Program in BiologyThe Warren Alpert Medical School, and central administration. She works closely with faculty, staff, and students to development and implement web content strategies for departments and programs.

  • Kimberly Horvath

    Kim is the financial coordinator for the Office of BioMed Communications, responsible for overseeing the budget, creating contracts and licensing agreements, and processing invoices. She joined the Division of Biology and Medicine in July 2015.

  • Julie Haines

    Julie oversees events held at The Warren Alpert Medical School building at 222 Richmond Street. She assists with planning, catering and facilities orders, and logistics. Julie joined the Medical School staff in 2012.

  • Christopher Parish

    Chris serves as manager for web projects and assists with the content and technical implementation of sites. He joined the department in July 2019.

  • Brynne Connolly

    Brynne Connolly produces digital content for various communication platforms and serves as primary curator for The Warren Alpert Medical School's social media channels. Brynne joined the team in 2022.

  • Katie Liesener

    Communications Manager, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

    Katie oversees communications for the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, including strategy, website management, and internal and external outreach. She joined the department in January 2023.

  • Jonathan Garris

    Communications Specialist

    Jonathan writes news articles, newsletter content, and other communications for the Division of Biology and Medicine. He joined the department in October 2023.