Division of Biology and Medicine
Biomed Communications

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Biomed Communications maintains a variety of email marketing and digital advertising tools.

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The Office of Biomed Communications maintains an email service for internal communications with Division faculty and staff.

When warranted, the Office can send requests for proposals to different audiences within the Division. Emergencies, funding opportunities, and other timely announcements can be submitted via email below. Submissions should be proofed for spelling and grammar, should indicate preferred audience (faculty and/or staff) and a subject line.

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The Event Digest consolidates the Division's many events into a single email sent weekly to faculty and staff. 

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BioMed Communications highlights Division research, education, and outreach across multiple social media platforms, including FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Flickr.  

Resources for Communicators

Check out this directory of Brown departments and offices who maintain their own accounts. 

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